Welcome to the Wonderful World of IGNORABLE.COM


So what’s this all about then? Well, many years ago I worked for an Internet agency in Acton, London, called Planet Three. Sadly that company, as so many other startups form the late 90s, has long been rm -rf’ed.

One of our customers at the time was a brand new travel agency that specialised in highly unusual travel experiences. Fortunately these guys are still about at https://unmissable.com.

So one day a few guys in the office decided to register the domain missable.com (by now under new management), to put some random bits and bobs on, which I believe never came to fruition. This seemed like a fun idea to me, so I registered ignorable.com for a laugh.

Not long after that I got bitten by the travel bug after a round-the-world trip and needed a place to put my holiday snaps. Et voilà, https://ignorable.com was born. Over the years I added other photo sections, but it’s still mainly about travel.

So have a poke around and feel free to use any of my pictures if you like. A link back to here would be appreciated though. Be warned though, if you don’t know me (and probably even if you do), you might find most of it rather boring.