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Caribbean and South America

30 July 2020

Around the Caribbean and South America

Winter 2019/2020 Caribbean and South America Pictures online

Three months around the Caribbean and South America. Was supposed to be four, but cut short by you-know-what. Not complaining though as it’s been a truly amazing trip.

Discovered a number of new places (🇧🇸, 🇹🇨, 🇩🇴, 🇯🇲, 🇰🇾, 🇧🇿, 🇨🇴, 🇪🇨, 🇵🇾, 🇧🇷) and returned to a few old ones for unfinished business (🇵🇪, 🇧🇴, 🇨🇱).

Highlights: Galápagos Islands, Inca Quarry Trail, Machu Picchu, Iguazú Falls