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The Brentford Project - From February 2014

Creation of a new riparian West London community in the heart of Brentford

IGNORABLE.COM - Events - 2014 to ongoing - The Brentford Project πŸ™οΈ

  • St Lawrence Church β›ͺ seen from Brentford Lock

  • St Lawrence Church Cemetery πŸͺ¦

  • Main Site πŸ— seen from Augustus Close

  • Brent Way seen from Augustus Close Bridge

  • River Brent 🏞 seen️ from Augustus Close Bridge

  • Main Site πŸ— seen from Pedestrian Bridge

  • River Brent 🏞 seen from Pedestrian Bridge

  • Across the Brent 🏞 at Pedestrian Bridge

  • Rye by the Water πŸ₯ seen from across the Brent

  • Thames Lock πŸ›₯️ seen from Towpath

  • Thames Lock 🌊 seen from Dock Road

  • MSO Marine β›΅ East of Dock Road

  • MSO Marine β›΅ West of Dock Road

  • Johnsons Island 🏝 seen from Dock Road

  • Along Dock Road πŸ›£οΈ

  • Johnsons Island 🏝 seen along Weir Bridge

  • View from small Bridge at Johnsons Island 🏝

  • The High Street πŸ›£